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Map of Rus in the times of fragmentation 100x70 cm laminated on strips

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Map of Rus in the time of fragmentation

Discover the dynamic period of Kievan Rus with our detailed map!

This map:

  • Shows the political structure of Kievan Rus during the period of fragmentation (XII-XIII centuries).
  • Contains the names of principalities, lands, cities, and other important geographical objects.
  • Shows the evolution of the borders of the principalities during this period.
  • It is made with high accuracy and detail on the basis of historical sources.
  • It will be a valuable addition to your map collection or a great gift for history buffs.
  • The strips allow you to easily fix the map on the wall


  • Education: Will help you to better understand the political and economic processes that took place in Russia during the times of fragmentation.
  • Research: It will become an indispensable tool for history researchers and local historians.
  • Collecting: Complement your collection of historical maps.
  • Decor: It will decorate your interior and become a testament to your interest in history.
  • Format: Material: The map is printed on thick paper of high quality.
  • Size: 100*70 cm.

Language: Ukrainian.

Order the map of Rus in the times of fragmentation on ukrmaps.com and go on a journey through time!

Tags: historical maps

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