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    In 1996, a new Kyiv-based company appeared in the field of mapping, which dared to challenge the established methods. It is a private joint-stock company "Institute of Advanced Technologies", the founder of which was Dr. Oleksandr Barladin.

    In the field of geoinformation systems, the Institute provides the functioning of the duty unit of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv and the Main Department of the State Emergency Service in Kyiv. In 2002 the Institute's developments were used during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and in 2005 the Institute of Advanced Technologies developed GIS "Elections", which can be used by various participants of the electoral process. A navigation system for monitoring vehicles using GPS was developed and patented.

    In 2001 the Institute of Advanced Technologies became a member of the International Cartographic Association (IMTA). Since 2003 the Institute participates in its annual competitions of cartographic products. And already the first of them, it won the second prize in the nomination "Best wall map of the world". This achievement became possible due to the fact that the methods of map production were already not inferior to any foreign technologies. After all, the image of the earth's surface was based on space photography, and the relief of the bottom of the World Ocean was reproduced by the methods of light and shadow plastic. As a result, the effect of observing the Earth from Space was created. A year later, at the next conference, the Institute received the second prize in the nomination "Best Atlas" for the publication "Atlas of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea".

      However, the real-world breakthrough of national cartography was the conference held in London in 2005. The first place in the newly created nomination "Digital Cartography" was awarded to the atlas "Geography of Continents and Oceans", created and published by the Institute of Advanced Technologies, as the best electronic educational atlas. The Institute was also awarded the highest award of cartographers - the Cup for the best cartographic work published in 2004.