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Welcome to our online store Ukrmaps.com! We are pleased to offer you the largest selection of geographic maps from the leading Ukrainian publishing house of the Institute of Advanced Technologies for Business and Education. Our maps will become an indispensable tool for studying geography, history, travel preparation, or a great addition to the interior of your office or children's room.

In our assortment, you will find geographical maps of the world, maps of countries, maps of Europe, maps of Ukraine, maps of Ukrainian regions, city plans, district maps, and many other detailed maps. For our youngest customers, we offer maps for children that will help them learn geography and history in a convenient and understandable way.

Our smallest maps can be used as a table runner, while the larger ones can be placed on the wall and enjoy detailed geographical information.

Our geographic maps are available in Ukrainian and English, making them universal for any user.

Our geographic maps are made using high-quality materials, which ensures the durability and preservation of bright colors. In addition, we offer lamination of maps, which will provide additional protection against wear and mechanical damage.

We understand that it is important that geographical maps are easily accessible and convenient to use. That's why we offer strips that allow you to easily mount maps on the wall, providing convenience in working with them.

If you don't find the map you want in our assortment, we can fulfill your personalized order, taking into account all your wishes.

Our online store Ukrmaps.com also offers map sets, which consist of several maps, so you can have more geographic data at your fingertips and work with them conveniently.

Order geographic maps on Ukrmaps.com!